Friday, March 2, 2018

What's this UU AWOL vocabulary thing?

UU A Way Of Life just issued its first vocabulary quiz yesterday and readers of this world famous blog became upset.

"It took me right back to fourth grade," said Rebecca Simmons. "I remember being embarrassed in front of the class by Mrs. Luskey because I didn't know what words meant."

"Yeah, my brother and I had a secret language, "said Ted. "We made up our own words and made them mean whatever just the two of us agreed to. It drove my parents nuts because they never could figure our what we were talking about."

Studies have shown that special vocabularies have given certain people power because they use words that lay people don't know. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it. Ministers do it. It's their own special jargon and code. It's a sign that certain people are in the club and only they know best.

Robert Thayer, a specialist in languages told us, "certain people use certain words with certain special meanings and this certainly makes it difficult for certain people to know what the special certain people are discussing and know." Dr. Thayer ended his explanation by saying, "That's for certain. May it be so."

But not letting Dr. Thayer have the last word, Jerimiah Black, announced his expertise in buzz words. "Like flies," said Jerimiah, "they proliferate in certain environments where there is a lot of 'b**l s**t.' The less a person knows, but the more they want to impress other people, the buzz words fly."

Harry Simmons announced that Jerimiah's theories are "really big," "impressive," and that Jeremiah himself is a "really fine person."

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