Monday, May 28, 2018

Are you in the dark seeking the light?

People who have come to Unitarian Universalism from other religions or no religions have come looking for something. They have been attracted by the affirmation and promotion of the free and responsible search for truth and meaning as well as other things.

Unfortunately, many seekers do not engage and are not retained in the fellowship because the fellowship appears to be a social club which engages in psychobabble and lacks an authentic and genuine spirituality. Unitarian Universalism has not cultivated Masters of spirituality and without them, the spirituality promulgated is anemic and fails to nourish at deeper levels. The search for truth and meaning becomes a misguided wandering with many detours and distractions and many lose interest.

Osho says, "The Master speaks not to give you the truth, but to help you recognize the truth that is already in you." p.145 "Ah, This!"

Osho uses the metaphor of the sun rising outside with the person inside the house with all the windows and doors shut. The sun is there and the person resides in darkness. If the person is to experience the sun the doors and windows need to be opened.

The sun is there. The person didn't do anything to bring the sun about nor can the person control the sunshine. The sunshine is a given, a free gift, there for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. However, the person can control the windows and doors. The person can remove the blocks which prevents the sunshine from being experienced.

The Master simply tells the person to "get up out of bed and open the windows, open the doors." Many people didn't want to be woken up, let alone gotten out of bed. They don't give a hoot about the sunshine, let alone be blinded by it. They prefer darkness and sleep.

Experiencing the sun is a personal choice. The Master can't force anyone to do anything. All the Master can do is alert, cajole, persuade, encourage, support. The people in the dark have to choose, once they know it is there, whether they want to experience the sunshine or not.

The Beatles were Masters. They tried to awaken us with their great song, "Here Comes The Sun."


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