Thursday, May 31, 2018

"You got the time?"

The title of this blog is UU A Way Of Life. Is that way of life chemical free? Unitarian Universalists are not Mormons or Methodists. UUs like their chemicals especially their caffeine which they indulge in notoriously in their coffee hours after "worship."

This discussion of the use of chemicals brings us to the famous meme, "Miller Time," and a consideration of the spiritual meaning of "time." What is time? Past, present, future. As Osho says, there is no such thing. We just make it up. The past is nothing but memories and the future is nothing but imagination. All we really have is the present and most of us are not present in the present because we are living the past or the future in our minds. Isn't this a shame? As the Buddhists say, "Be here now." Being here now is tasting eternity, heaven, as Jesus said, "On earth as it is in heaven."

Osho says, "Time means mind. Time is a projection of mind. It does not exist; it is only an illusion. Only the present exists - and the present is not part of time. The present is part of eternity. Past is time, future is time; both are non-existential. The past is only memory and the future is only imagination; memory and imagination, both are non-existential." p.180 "Ah, This!"

"Hey, Bob, what time is it?"

"It's time for a cold one."

"It's always time for a cold one with you."

"That's right, it's Miller time."

And as Kurt Vonnegut has written, "And so it goes........"

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