Sunday, June 10, 2018

Weekly report from the publisher, 06/10/18

It has been quite a week here on UU A Way Of Life.

We remembered Fred Rogers and his message that we all our neighbors. In the time of Trump many of us have forgotten or never realized that we are all in this thing called "Life" together and none of us gets our alive.

Camille Dunghy, in her interview in the Sun Magazine, describes how she and her husband decided to consciously and intentionally bring a child into this world as a sign of their faith and hope in our collective future. Being a victim of racism her whole life, Dr. Dunghy's decision and action is very admirable and inspiring for those of us privileged to witness them.

The work of the non profit, For Freedoms, is also inspiring and needs our help in joining artistic work and creation with the betterment of society. I hope you will make a small contribution of only $10.00.

Many of the articles this week describe the journey on the spiritual path the key to which is  identifying a Master. There aren't many Masters, if any, in the history of Unitarian Universalism and that's a shame. No one, with the exception possibly of the transcendentalists, have been able to build a spirit life on the basis of the Perennial philosophy which Unitarian Universalism espouses. Osho says that the function of the Master is to help us remember our Divine nature, and to validate it when we find it.

People who leave the path of the ego and embark on the path of the spirit appear crazy to the secular world if not threatening, Ridicule, ostracism, and assassination are the risks the spiritual seeker takes on.

Please make a donation to support the work of UU A Way of Life. You can do it through PayPal in the right hand column. Jesus said, "Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." UU A Way Of Life is God's work and your support, emotional, moral, psychological, and financial is appreciated. The work here is to remind people of their Divine nature which is their natural inheritance.

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