Thursday, August 30, 2018

Are the seven principles beautiful?

Unitarian Univeralism has not inspired great art of any kind except perhaps poetry, some work by the transcendentalists, and a flaming chalice logo. If Unitarian Univeralism is to flourish it must become more mindful of beauty.

Some artists, according to Steve Taylor in his book, The Leap, are awakened. Taylor writes, "People who are spontaneously awake are more likely to become creative artists than spiritual teachers." p.47 Where are the Unitarian Univeralist artists? The dearth of them may indicate a spiritual impoverishment.

Taylor gives examples of artists he considers awakened such as Walt Whitman, D.H. Lawrence, William Wordsworth, and Richard Jeffries. There are undoubtedly many others. Architecture, paintings, and music also inspire, uplift, and fill us with awe.

In Christianity, Catholicism has given us the greatest artistic expressions of beauty while Protestantism has downplayed and stifled it. The liturgies of the sacramental religions outshine the often dull and dreary protestant worship services. Is it time for Unitarian Univeralists to make efforts to create more beauty in their covenantal relationships? Is it time to not only affirm and promote the seven principles but also to articulate their beauty?

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