Sunday, August 12, 2018

How does UUAWOL ministries facilitate the development of sainthood?

The mission of UUAWOL ministries is to sanctify the world by facilitating the development of sainthood by its members through engagement in a covenantal relationship based on UU's seven principles.

This mission contributes to the formation of several goals. The first goal is to develop a methodology, a strategy, for developing sainthood among members of the covenant.

A possible methodology is threefold: to educate by providing information, to train by providing practice in skills, and to clarify by articulating values about what behaviors should be chosen for a good life to be enjoyed. This methodology will be applied to the development of sainthood by focusing on the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Using this methodology there will be requirements that will have to be met to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the holy enactment of the principle under focus.

There are many roads to Rome, and may ways to skin a cat. There are many paths up various sides of the mountain to attain the peak of awakening. The method outlined is but one way being offered for your consideration.

If you have further ideas about the creation of a methodology for sainthood please share them with us in the comments.


  1. What are the other paths to holiness?

    1. There are many paths to holiness in the perennial psychology. The most famous is the Christian path of renunciation, purification, participation in the sacraments, silence, celibacy, prayer and contemplation. The Buddhist method is the 8 fold path. There are others. We will be covering them in future articles.

      The common thread of all the methods is the overcoming of the separation from cosmic consciousness and a disconnection from our Divine source. We have a great longing to return home from whence we have come.

  2. The primary path to holiness is meditation says Osho.

  3. The model calls for an understanding and implementation of the seven principles in three ways: intellectual understanding, skillful behavior, and emotional devotion to the implementation of the principle in one's life and relationships.

    This path is not for everyone, maybe not even for most people, perhaps only the few who are committed and motivated to become holy and sanctify the world. Most people are pre-occupied with other things and are not ready for the work they were sent here to do.

    1. Most people are worshiping idols of the ego.


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