Wednesday, August 15, 2018

UUAWOL ministries - First principle, values component

Values component of first principle
The UUAWOL ministry aspires to enhance the UU covenant to affirm and promote its seven principles. We are working on the principles one at a time and considering how to affirm and promote them by enhancing knowledge, skills, and values so as to enhance our individual holiness and sanctify the world. Below is the value component of the first principle - the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

The value component of the first principle, inherent worth and dignity of every person, requires the member to be consciously aware of their choice to value the encompassing worth of each and every human being because they are part of the divine creation. This valuing in the first principle is very much based on the seventh principle which is the respect and love for the interdependent web of existence.

This value component also asks us to be aware of any biases we may unconsciously harbor against “the other.” To clarify our values we must be honest with ourselves and purify ourselves from our egos. Values clarification involves four steps: awareness, acknowledgement, choice, behavior. Here are some questions to help clarify your values about the first principle.

1.      What kind of people do I like best and like least? Why?
2.      Have I ever admitted to myself or others my biases? When? Who?
3.      How have I taken steps to rise above my biases?
4.      How has becoming aware of my biases influenced my behavior?

The requirement for the successful completion of this component is that you tell someone the results of this inventory.

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  1. Most excellent. It is our biases that prevent the enactment of the first principle. UUs have been accused of being "clubby" and only welcoming and liking people like themselves. Until we examine our hearts the first principle is merely a tinkling bell as St. Paul said.


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