Friday, September 21, 2018

How does an awakened person live on the path of the ego?

Once a person has awakened, gained cosmic consciousness, some might think that such people have a hard time living in the real world. These enlightened beings may seem other worldly, uninvolved, air headed, and some might even mock them or ridicule them for not being in touch with reality.

At first, especially after turmoil, and the dust settles, the awakened person may find it awkward to live on the path of the ego. The things of the world on the path of the ego have no meaning for the awakened person any more. The things on the path of the ego have become inconsequential, but the awakened person can still manage them, use them, interact with them, but in a non attached way. The things on the path of the ego for an awakened person are simply illusions of daily life that have no importance.

The awakened person develops what psychologists call a "well integrated personality." The person lives in the present and simply does what needs to be done. "Chop wood; carry water," as the Buddhists say. Laundry is simply laundry.

The awakened person does not live with drama, fear, control, or grasping. The awakened person simply is and does life as is needed and no more. For the awakened person, life becomes easier. There is no hurry, no stress, only an attitude of mind which allows for the smelling of the roses.

Do you know such people who live in peace, centered, calm in the storm? Now days this presence of mind is called mindfulness. An awakened person is centered and able to maintain his/her centeredness even in the face of challenge and provocation.

At UUAWOL ministries we help people become holy (wholy) by covenanting with them to follow the seven principles of Unitarian Univeralism. The covenanting brings great peace and contentment. With the development of this state of being, the whole world is sanctified.

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