Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?

One of the ways of thinking about awakening is the change in the self system. There is a shedding of the ego and a merging with the Divine. It is the realization of cosmic consciousness. What are the major signs of this awakening? There are several but the most apparent ones are: loss of the fear of death, a sense of contentment and imperturbability, love of others and the whole world, being present in the now with no rumination about the past or fear for the future, a joy and desire in being of service, being out of sync or on a different wavelength from one's peers and the ways of the world.

In our current age, this state of being is unrecognized, or if it is, it scares people. The awakened one is leary about talking about the change in the self system with others because the description will be confusing or threatening to others who will call it "crazy." Therefore this new level of awareness is often kept hidden or confidential.

There are awakened ones amongst us in Unitarian Universalism but our faith has no history and tradition of understanding this state. Therefore, the "living tradition" of Unitarian Universalism has little to offer people who become holy. One of the activities here at UUAWOL ministries is to teach about the existence of this state and level of consciousness, and to encourage its recognition, acknowledgement, and encouragement. The barrier or block to recognition is that people at lower levels of consciousness have no frame of reference, no mental models, that facilitate their perception of the level of consciousness above their own.

The leadership in Unitarian Univeralism does not aspire to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. It is more focused on organizational and social justice concerns on the path of the ego. The mission of Unitarian Universalism at the local, regional, national, and international levels is blind to the true function of religious organizations which is to facilitate the growth and development of saints. Without holy people the world cannot be sanctified and Unitarian Univeralism just becomes one organization among millions that works for betterment on the path of the ego. Having a better life on the path of the ego is to miss the point of religion which is to help people shed the ego and enter onto the path of the spirit. Betterment is not the same thing as sanctification. To have a better body, a better marriage, a better job, a better house, better children, better country is to fiddle around while Rome is burning.

We don't need a better church in a better world when our consciousnesses are spiritually impoverished.  As it is written  in Mark 8:36, "For what shall it profit a person if they gain the whole world, but lose their soul?"

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