Saturday, September 15, 2018

What will provide me with a sense of peace?

Awakening is manifested in changes in a person's perception, emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Over the next few articles we will be discussing these manifestations in each of these categories.

In the area of emotion, awakening involves an inner quietness, and inner imperturbability.  In addition there is a sense of connection and a transcendence of separation. With this comes an enhanced empathy and compassion and a heightened sense of well-being. This results in an absence of the fear of death because the ego has been shedded and is no longer as much of a barrier to the awareness of Love's presence.

In modern day parlance, the awakened person is happy, but happiness seems too small a word. The person is joyful and even further, blissful. This bliss is a fulfillment, an actualization of one's evolutionary potential.

While everyday chores, and ups and downs, must be dealt with, these are experienced as the course of things and do not upset the experience of inner equilibrium which the person has achieved. The equilibrium is experienced by others as the person "having his/her shit together." They manifest what the psychologists call a "well integrated personality."

In spiritual terms, an awakened person seems holy and his/her holiness sanctifies the world by imbuing it with Divine Love.

This spiritual sense of holiness is not well articulated in any Unitarian Univeralist ideas about aspirations appropriate for adherents to the tradition until now. UUAWOL ministries calls Unitatian Univeralists to holiness by covenanting together to implement and uphold the seven principles. The seven principles become not just a values statement, but a way of life. Involving oneself in this way of life brings the adherent great peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

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