Tuesday, October 9, 2018

KTS - Keep things simple

In the spiritual life learn, as we grow, to keep things simple.

Like water which gives life to ten thousand things, it seeps to the lowest places and adjusts and adapts to whatever circumstances it finds itself in.

Unitarian Univeralists covenant together to affirm and promote seven basic and elemental facts of life and ethical principles.

The Unitarian Univeralist faith can be summed up simply as be kind, be grateful, always be on the look out for truth, and bring ourselves and others to the Oneness of which we are all a part.

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  1. UUs covenant to affirm and promote the interdependent web of all existence and with this affirmation and promotion commit themselves to the Atonement which as it is written in A Course In Miracles is ““When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself.” ACIM, T-1.III.1:5


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