Tuesday, October 2, 2018

UU A Way Of Life ministries index - "Honey where's the paper?"

  • Circulation of U.S. newspapers in 1998 = 62.7 million
  • Circulation of U.S. newspapers in 2018 = 31 million
  • Newspaper add revenue in 2000 = 48 billion
  • Newspaper add revenue in 2017 = 16.5 billion
  • Percentage fewer people employed by newspapers in 2018 than in 1994 = 40
  • %


  1. Newspapers never had much news in them of much value. They were supposed to keep the electorate informed of "current events" as our social studies teachers told us, but they were read more for sports, the comics, the obituaries, and the "life style" section than for news. Most were nothing more than penny savers with a few articles thrown in.

    For real "news" with substance subscribe to magazines which employ investigative journalists and provide well written articles with facts and information. Perhaps newspapers as vehicles of marketing of products and services are intended to disappear because they never really performed much of anything than an entertainment function all along.

  2. Newspapers had editors who made decisions not only about content, but also about process. Professionally written and vetted material is sorely missed in this day of social media. Perhaps newspapers will re-emerge has well produced written stories that are coherent and fact checked. The question is will people pay for this service?

  3. I just donated $50.00 to the Intercept, a nonprofit, that does "impact journalism" that helped Amazon workers get a pay raise to $15.00 when they exposed the fact that 1/3 of Amazon workers wages were so low they qualified for food stamps.


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