Wednesday, October 10, 2018

UU A Way Of Life ministries - Naming fads

  • Number of babies named Heather in 1975 = 24,000
  • Number of babies named Heather in 2017 = 219

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  1. What's in a name? The path of the ego is the path which names 10,000 things as the Tao Te Ching tells us, but the name is superficial. It is the cover of the book, but not the book. We have to get beyond the name to the essence of the person or thing. Do not be mislead by names. If you don't like your name, change it. What would you like to be called?

    Unitarian Univeralist seems like mouth full. It is a lot of syllables to describe us. Should we, could we, would we find a better name for our covenantal community?


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