Thursday, November 22, 2018

How does abundant gratitude arise?

When enough is enough, that's enough.
Those who are content are rich indeed.

Contentment is the natural state.
When one is not content something is wrong.

Unitarian Univeralists know this for they covenant together to affirm and promote seven principles.
In these principles is the Ground of Being apprehended.

In the covenant we are redeemed.
Redemption takes us back to a harmonious appreciation of the interdependent web.

In this harmonious appreciation not only is contentment experienced but abundant gratitude arises.

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  1. According to The Onion, CVS cashier Hannah Everson's shift was ruined when she had to take a $20.00 bill from a customer with a bad cold who was buying 3 different cold medicines. "The bill was sticky," Hannah told her boyfriend after her shift.

    "He held the bill to his nose when he sneezed into his hand. It was disgusting. I was doing okay at the register until that happened."


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