Friday, January 25, 2019

Today's lesson - Being aware of the interdependent web brings sanctification to our consciousness.

Today's lesson, number 29, in A Course In Miracles is "God is in everything I see."

God is the nondualistic Oneness. God, in other words, for Unitarian Univeralists, is the interdependent web of all existence. The things we see are separated out from that nondualistic Oneness and in A Course In Miracles this separation of the thing from the Oneness is called an "illusion."

An "illusion" in A Course In Miracles is created by our wrong-minded attempt to separate things on the path of the ego. Becoming aware and conscious of the nondualistic Oneness is the dispelling of our illusions.

So, if God is in everything I see, we are like the monk who asks the hot dog vendor to make me one with everything. When the vendor does not give the monk his change for his payment, and the monk complains, the vendor retorts, "Oh monk, you should know better than anyone that change comes from within."

The change that the hot dog vendor was referring to was the cosmic consciousness that we strive to achieve when our awareness becomes sanctified and we see God in everything.

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