Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Today's lesson - I could see peace instead of this.

Lesson 34 in A Course In Miracles is "I could see peace instead of this." This "seeing" is inner vision not the perception of external things, or situations.

Comedian Flip Wilson, when he did his Geraldine routine, would say, "What you see, is what you get!"

Today's lesson contradicts Geraldine. Today's lesson tells us that we can see peace instead of whatever is stimulating us.

What we see is not what contributes to our inner experience; it is our interpretation or the meaning we make of what we see. It is this interpretation or meaning that we can choose differently. Or even better yet, we can clear our mind of all thoughts and just be in peace with the Oneness of the Universe.

In the 60s, there was an expression, "to bliss out" which is different from "tuning out." People "tune out" often as a defense mechanism. Blissing out is to rise above and realize a greater reality than the insanity of things on the ego plane.

The ego plane is full of drama, drama in which we have no need to participate unless we choose to. Would we have drama or the peace of God?

Today, remind yourself that you could see peace instead of this.

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