Saturday, February 2, 2019

On The Shortness of Life by Seneca

I hope you are enjoying the reading of Seneca's little book, "On The Shortness of Life." UU A Way Of Life mininstries will be posting articles on this book and the stoic philosophers every Saturday.

Seneca tells us that what shortens our experience of life is to live in the past or to live in the future and not pay enough attention to what's happening in the present.

Seneca tells us to stop and smell the roses.

A Course In Miracles tells us that to project our past experiences into the future is insanity. As the saying goes, "Ya never know."

As a therapist people ask me, "Do you think people can really change?"

"Of course they can," I answer. What it takes though is "letting go" as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous. "One day at a time," they counsel in AA.

Jesus said, "Why are you worrying about tomorrow? Let tomorrow worry about itself."

Seneca tells us to be engrossed in the present. The Buddhists tell us to chop wood and carry water. In other words "Be here now."

But our fears get in our way and prevent us from paying attention. Can we set aside our fears and just be aware of Love's presence? It is our natural inheritance.

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