Monday, February 25, 2019

Today's lesson - Live in the present not in the past.

Today's lesson, number 52 in A Course In Miracles is a review of the lessons 6 - 10 which are: "I am upset because I see what is no there;" "I see only the past;" "My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts;" "I see nothing as it is now;" "My thoughts do not mean anything."

The Course makes a distinction between seeing and vision. Seeing is projecting which makes perception, in other words we make stuff up, create illusions, live in a dream world. Vision is joining with the vision of God which extends unconditional Love and apprehends the nondualistic Oneness which some call "cosmic consciousness" or enlightenment.

In Unitarian Univeralism we covenant together to affirm and promote a repect for the the interpendent web of all existence. Perhaps this principle would be better stated if we said an "understanding" or "love" for the interdependent web of all existence.

With our Univeralist understanding we apprehend the unconditional Love of the creator and with this seventh principle we begin to recognize and acknowledge the nondualistic nature of the Ground of our Being.

The way we implement the Vision of God in our lives is through what the Course calls "forgiveness" and the "Atonement." The Atonement is a decision to give up our seeing based on a belief in separation, and to replace it with the miracle of the vision of Oneness. This Atonement requires "forgiveness" in the sense of rising above our egotistical thoughts of individuality and specialness and abiding in peace and bliss of Oneness with all creation.

Today, remind yourself that projecting thoughts of your past onto current perceptions is a mistake and that "my thoughts do not mean anything." The choice is "to be here now" as the Buddhists say. If you have trouble being in the present, ask the Holy Spirit for help and turn your desire to control over to a power much greater than what you alone can manage.

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