Monday, February 4, 2019

Today's lesson - "My holiness is my salvation."

Today's lesson, number 39, in A Course In Miracles is "My holiness is my salvation."

The course teaches that our holiness is the salvation of the world. However, if we are not aware of our own holiness how can it extend and save the world? From whence would holiness come if not from us?

As we have learned in previous lessons, we are holy already, always have, are now, will be forever, we just don't know it. We don't recognize it, we don't acknowledge it, we don't experience it because we have distracted ourselves with drama.

If we believe we are unholy where does this guilt come from? It comes from our unholy thoughts and intentions in our lives on the path of the ego which is based on contitional love. It's the old "give to get" and "one or the other" way of thinking which the Course tells us is "wrong minded."

The miracle is the shift in our thinking from wrong minded to right minded which involves the shift from conditional love to unconditional love a shift which requires forgiveness and a decision to think differently. It is this shift from our wrong mindedness of the ego to the right mindedness of the Spirit that the Course calls a miracle.

As Unitarian Univeralists we covenant together to affirm seven principles which, at their deepest levels, are shifts in understanding from the path of the ego and conditional love to the path of the spirit and unconditional love. Knowing this we can say with heartfelt awareness, "My holiness is my salvation."


  1. The Univeralists knew that all human beings are holy and loved unconditionally by God. This idea is the basis of their faith. It is an idea which has lost its energy in our current church and which must be rejuvenated.

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