Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Please contribute $1.00 so Marianne Williamson can be included in the DNC Presidential debates

Dear UU A Way Of Life reader:

I have donated money to Marianne Williamson's Presidential campaign a couple of times. No further donation by me will help her reach the 40,000 donations necessay for the DNC to take her seriously as a candidate so she can be included in the Presidential debates. Will you donate $1.00 so she can reach that goal and be included?

Marianne is an atypical politician who brings our UU principles to the macro-systemic world of politics and policy making. Her involvement in the Presidential campaign changes significantly the national conversation about policies that would uplift Americans and people around the world.

Please donate today, even if it is $1.00 and forward this post to your friends and family who might support her candidacy.

Thank you for your consideration and hoped for assistance.

Dear David, 

I am sending this letter to you because you have donated to my candidacy. Because of you we have been able to mount a credible campaign, travel around the country, and begin communicating my message of moral and spiritual renewal in American politics.

I am writing to ask you a favor: in order for the money you already donated to have not been in vain, I need to be able to turn your investment into a powerful return. And for that, I need to be on the DNC debate stage this summer with the other candidates. I need 40,000 more unique contributors in order to get into the debates. 

You yourself giving me another dollar would not help in this process, but if you make a personal commitment to asking at least one other person to contribute at least one dollar, that will get us over the finish line. Will you do that? Either with a phone call, a post, an email, or whatever — will you please commit to asking at least one other like-minded friend to send a dollar to make this happen?

It will not be difficult to do this, if all of us who want it will take this one next step. And as one of my donors, you hold the key to making it happen.

I will let you know the moment we hit our mark.
Thank you so much. This is a wonderful journey, and I know that together we can change the world.

With love, 


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  1. Marianne has a unique message and she is a very smart woman. I donated to her campaign and I hope it helps her over the bar set for entrance to the debates.


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