Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Today's lesson, number 70, "My salvation comes from within."

Today's lesson, number 70 in A Course In Miracles, is "My salvation comes from within."

When did your pursuit of external things whether posessions, relationships, self improvement, change in circumstances, bodily heath every make you totally and permanently happy?

The illusions and idols of happiness - making things and experiences are the productions of the ego activities of marketing, advertising, cravings, desires, projections. These things on the path of the ego are not the source of your salvation.

Salvation comes from within and comes from aligning our will with what we believe is God's will for us.

Salvation is not to be found on the path of the ego. Salvation is to be found on the path of God where Unconditional love is found.

Universalists have known this and preached it since the late 1700s in the U.S. The God of punishment by hell fire, and greed of heaven is dying, and the God of Unconditional love, manifested in universal salvation and loving inclusion and joining, is the faith upon which we build our covenant and our lives.

The salvation of the world will be realized when everybody loves everybody all the time.

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