Friday, April 19, 2019

The helpers, Jay Singh, 7-Eleven owner gives hungry shop lifting teenager free bag of food in Toldeo, Ohio

The helpers is a regular feature of the UU A Way Of Life ministries blog which appears on Fridays.

From The Week, Good News newsletter, 04/18/19

7-Eleven owner shows shoplifter compassion after finding out why he's stealing
When the owner of a 7-Eleven in Toledo, Ohio, learned that a young shoplifter was stealing in order to feed his family, he did something unexpected. Instead of turning him over to the police, Jay Singh filled a bag up with food, and gave it to the teenager to take home. "He's a young kid," Singh said. "That will go on his record that he was a thief. He cannot do anything in his life. He will not get a good job. This will not solve his hunger problem." Singh said in Indian culture, it's important to feed a person when they are hungry, and he felt it was his duty to help. [CBS News]

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