Monday, April 15, 2019

Today's lesson, number 90 : "Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved," and "Let me recognize my problems have been solved."

Today's lesson, number 90 in A Course In Miracles, is a review of lessons 79 and 80 which are: "Let me recognize the  problem so it can be solved," and "Let me recognize my problems have been solved."

The problem is the choice of the ego over the spirit or conditional love over unconditional love. Choosing conditional love always comes with a sense of grievance. Conditional love is based on the dynamics of "give to get" and "one or the other," and always leads to a sense of victimization, of being on the "short end of the stick" even if not now, then next time. This is born of fear of loss of some sort which conditional love sets us up to expect sooner or later by virtue of its premise that the world is made up of winners and losers.

Universalists do not believe that there are losers. Universalists believe that all are winners, innately, as our natural inheritance.

This Universalist belief recognizes that there is no problem at all when we shift from the path of the ego to the path of the Spirit. The path of the Spirit is a path of Unconditional Love where every person has innate worth and dignity. The realization of what occurs with that shift from conditional love to Unconditional Love is what the Course calls a "miracle."

The awareness of the miracle is always available to us even when we are unaware of it and what we ask today is the recognition that my problems have been solved. With Unconditional Love victimization evaporates and we are saved and born again from the path of the ego onto the path of the Spirit.

Today, let me not only recognize that all my problems can be solved, but that my problems are illusions and idols I have created thinking that I, and not God, is in charge. In giving up my attempts to control, and create a false sense of self, I have forgotten that, becoming aware of the miracle, not that all my problems have been solved, but that on the path of the Spirit there are no problems only the Uncondtional Love of God which makes all things holy.

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