Tuesday, May 28, 2019

My Kind of Church Music - Makeba by Jain

From Krista Tippett's interview with Maira Kalman originally released on 09/07/17:

Ms. Kalman:

The way that we move through space is really interesting to me, and I am conscious of the fact that we are moving and dancing, in our way, all day long. It’s funny, because Nietzsche said that a day that doesn’t have a dance in it is a lost day, which you wouldn’t expect from somebody like Nietzsche, who was crazy.
Ms. Tippett:
And intense.
Ms. Kalman:
And intense and had such a giant mustache, as I write about. But the fact is that we really are all moving and dancing all day long. And the older you get, the more dangerous it is. And you can trip. I tripped on the sidewalk and broke my arm, and I thought, “Well, how did this happen? This is absurd.” So my heart goes out to everybody — that’s it. My heart goes out to everybody.

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