Friday, May 31, 2019

New Hampshire is 21st state to abolish the death penalty

From The Week on 05/31/19 Ten Things You Need to Know Today

 New Hampshire senators vote to abolish death penalty
New Hampshire lawmakers on Thursday voted to abolish the death penalty in the state. The state Senate passed the measure, apparently with enough votes to override a veto by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who blocked a similar bill last year. The vote ended months of uncertainty by making New Hampshire the 21st state in the country to outlaw capital punishment. It was the last state in New England to do so. The decision was largely symbolic, as New Hampshire did not have an active capital punishment system and last carried out an execution in 1939. The state has just one prisoner on death row — Michael Addison, who was convicted of killing Manchester police officer Michael Briggs more than a decade ago. Nine states now have abolished the death penalty since 2007. [The Washington Post]
Editor's comment:

UU A Way Of Life ministries has long been an anti death penalty advocate. Slowly the United States is catching up with other countries in the free world that have abolished the death penalty

Pope Francis has come out against the death penalty.

The second priniciple of Unitarian Universalism asks us to affirm and promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.

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