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A Course In Miracles and Unitarian Universalism - Whose will is being done when we pursue truth and meaning?

From A Course In Miracles:

T-21.II.3. It is impossible the Son of God be merely driven by events outside of him. It is impossible that happenings that come to him were not his choice. His power of decision is the determiner of every situation in which he seems to find himself by chance or accident. No accident nor chance is possible within the universe as God created it, outside of which is nothing. 

Suffer, and you decided sin was your goal.

 Be happy, and you gave the power of decision to Him Who must decide for God for you. This is the little gift you offer to the Holy Spirit, and even this He gives to you to give yourself. For by this gift is given you the power to release your savior, that he may give salvation unto you.

Schucman, Dr. Helen. A Course in Miracles (p. 448). Foundation for Inner Peace.


This is a very dense passage and takes some unpacking.

We, all of us together, are the "Son of God."  And the Son of God is not merely driven by external events. There is something far deeper going on which we are not consciously aware of most of the time. We are sleep walking in the world of illusions which some mystics call "the dream."

We are dreaming the dream so the happenings that appear to be coming to us are things we made up and so, at an unconscious level, are our choice. We decide what our reality is by our interpretation of the events that seem to happen to us. Our third principle in Unitarian Universalism is the "free and responsible search for truth and meaning." What is the truth and meaning that you are seeking and where do you think you will find it?

If we are seeking truth and meaning in God's universe that is one thing, but if we are seeking it in the world of ego that is another. The world of the ego is the external world while God's universe, the "kingdom" as Jesus called it, is within as Jesus told us.

"Sin" in the passage means "separation." If our goal is to separate ourselves from the kingdom of God to pursue our happiness in the world of the ego we will suffer.

If we are to be happy we must give our will to the Holy Spirit to help us find the Kingdom of God. It is this willingness to surrender to our Higher Power, to give our will to the Holy Spirit which brings us home with the Holy Spirit leading the way. It is this willingness to follow God's will for us that is our saving grace, that brings us salvation.

The search for truth and meaning, the third UU principle,involves what Twelve Step programs call "surrender." In the Christian Prayer which Jesus taught us, the Our Father, we say "Thy kindgom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." It is this willingness to even say this prayer let alone, apply it in our lives which is the source of our true happiness. We surrender and let the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Muse, Life, Mother Nature, whatever we want to call the Higher Power to do its work and carry out its function in our lives.

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