Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Course In Miralces and Unitarian Universalism - Do you have faith?


It is written in A Course In Miracles in Chapter 21, section III, paragraph 4 

T-21.III.4. Faith and belief and vision are the means by which the goal of holiness is reached. Through them the Holy Spirit leads you to the real world, and away from all illusions where your faith was laid. This is His direction; the only one He ever sees. And when you wander, He reminds you there is but one. His faith and His belief and vision are all for you. And when you have accepted them completely instead of yours, you will have need of them no longer. For faith and vision and belief are meaningful only before the state of certainty is reached. In Heaven they are unknown. Yet Heaven is reached through them.

Jesus said to his disciples repeatedly, “Oh you of little faith” and I imagine He would laugh gently at their silliness is believing in things in the world of the ego.

The mission of UU A Way Of Life is to help people become aware of their holiness so they can sanctify the world. The first step in carrying out this mission is simply to help them become aware that they have a choice. The choice, A Course In Miracles teaches, is between right minded thinking and wrong minded thinking. Right minded thinking is composed of the world of God and wrong minded thinking is composed of the world of the ego.

Wrong minded thinking is one of resentment, grievance, fear, victimization, and vengeance. Right minded thinking is one of forgiveness, joining, peace, agency, compassion, and love.

A Course In Miracles points out that right minded thinking is our natural inheritance while wrong minded thinking is based on fear of punishment for separating ourselves from the Unconditional Love of God in the first place.

The only question ultimately worth asking is “Which will I choose: heaven or hell?” How will I choose to live: playing the victim full of fear and resentment, or surrendering to the Oneness of God and experiencing peace and love?

In which type of thinking will I put my faith? To what extent do I believe that I have a choice? What kind of life for myself and the whole world do I envision?

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