Sunday, July 14, 2019

How are you managing your thoughts and feelings about this weekend's raids?

I don't want any more kids in cages or people frightened of midnight raids leading to deportation. Enough is enough. 

Even City mayors now are resisting and refusing to cooperate with ICE and the ineffective, abusive policies of the Trump administration

 I live in Western NY state where many hispanic farm workers live in fear and panic. I was talking to a friend of mine who works at the Migrant Education Center at our local College at Brockport and she tells me that enrollment is down this summer because parents are afraid to bring their children to town for summer programming. She told me a very sad story about a 15 year old girl in the program who has been sex trafficed by her mother to a 23 year old male for the money at least twice,  and Child Protective Services from the County are reluctant to get involved and twice have returned the girl to her mother. Whether local police have been called because this is statutory rape the person didn't know.

What's going on in our country reminds me of how the Jews were treated under the Nazis, and citizens with integrity are taking steps to hide, and protect the discriminated people among us from the government. If you have to choose statutory rape or your mother's possiblee deportation which would you choose?

We all have little things we can do every day to help people and protect them. I don't thing Pelosi or McConnel or Nadler or Schiff or any other politiicans will help us. We are on our own and we must protect our fellow human beings from the government which increasingly doesn't seem to be  acting in moral ways that I can support.

I am a privileged 73 old white guy and Iam scared where I live in Western New York not for myself but for my neighbors and the people I mingle with in our community.

As a Unitarian Universalist I covenant together with other UUs to affirm and promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. The Trump white house administration and his supporters don't support this principle. It seems that we are back to civil disobedience as a means of resisting oppression and immorality.

From The Week, 07/14/19:

Cities prepare for ICE raids
Immigrant communities in major U.S. cities are preparing for raids conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Sunday, as promised by President Trump on Friday. Trump has said ICE will initially focus on searching for undocumented immigrants with criminal histories, but fears of deportation are widespread, and many people say they are carrying their U.S. passports just in case. San Francisco Mayor London Breed said her city's police will not cooperate with ICE. "If you want to come after them, you're going to have to come through us," Breed said. In some cities, government human-service workers are ready to find foster homes for any children left behind if their parents are detained and marked for deportation. In many cases, adult undocumented immigrants have children who are U.S. citizens. [USA Today, NBC News]

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