Saturday, July 20, 2019

What is the most important choice we ever make?

The most important question in life is whether we want to become aware of our holiness or not?

All people are holy but they have forgotten it. Society has beaten it out of them and taught them to deny their holiness and aggrandize the ego. People even think that they are their ego. This is a silly idea that has taken over their lives. The first step on the road of spirituality is when the person can laugh at the very idea of his/her ego.

To attain an awareness of holiness a person has to give up the ego. The ego has promised happiness if the person feeds it with all kinds of things like money, special relationships, power, social status, physical pleasure, etc.

In case you haven't noticed, the ego lies.

People who have pursued the fulfillment of the ego's desires have become people of the lie. And deep down within, the small voice of sanity calls to them and offers them a choice: continue to seek fulfillment of ego desires, or go home to the holiness of Oneness with the source of our creation.

The trip home is done by forgiveness. We forgive ourselves and others for our mistaken belief that fullfilment of our egos could ever make us happy.

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