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What is miracle thinking?

Chapter eighteen
What is miracle thinking?

Nothing comes to your mind but by the filter of your mindset. By virtue of what it admits or denies, it is the engine of the self-fulfilling prophecy, for good or for ill. But it, like the future, is also malleable. While many external factors work to mold and shape your mindset, you do get a vote in the matter. You can question the underlying assumptions. You can test the theses. You are not required to accept any of the default settings. You are always free to reject one belief and replace it with another. And when you reinforce that new belief, your outlook and your behavior will change. Your perception really is your reality, and if you don’t like what you see, you can change the underlying reality and your perception with it. To this end, the mindset can be thought of as one’s “disposition to possibility.” And its effect, like the self-fulfilling prophecy, is circular.

Jain, Naveen. Moonshots : Creating a World of Abundance (pp. 175-176). John August Media, LLC. 

What you think you see is what you get. Be careful what you wish for or fear because you will draw those things to yourself.

We can’t control the circumstances that occur to us in our lives but we can control our interpretation or the meaning we make of them. Are they good or bad, a blessing or a curse? Often times we don’t know what to make of them until sometime later.

If a person is asked, “What makes you tick?” most people not only respond with confusion and perplexity, they don’t even have a way of thinking about how to answer the question. Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living and not many people, unfortunately, live examined lives. If they did, the world wouldn’t be in the mess it was in and people wouldn’t suffer to the extent they do.

Most people don’t question their mindset until their pain and suffering reach a point at which they say to themselves, “I can’t take any more. There must be a better way.” When it dawns on the person who has hit bottom that there has to be a better way to think about things and behave in their lives, then they begin a search for that better way. It is this dawning and the initiation of the search that Jain is suggesting leads to entrepreneurial thinking and a “moonshot” or as it is called in A Course In Miracles, a “miracle.” 

The “miracle” is not a physical manipulation of the natural world to create a supernatural phenomenon. That is magic. A “miracle” is when the light bulb goes on in one’s mind and engenders a whole new way of thinking, a whole new mindset.

When have you had the “ah ha!” moment when the light bulb went off in your mind and your mindset was forever changed?

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