Monday, September 9, 2019

Mingling of the waters makes man feel like he has to urinate.

Yesterday, the first Sunday after Labor Day marks the beginning of a new church year for most Unitarian Universalist churches.

Bart said, "I love Unitarian Universalism because they take the whole summer off. When I was a little boy my father told me we don't have to go to church in the summer because God is on vacation."

Bart told his friend Toby that in the summer UUs can do what they want because God isn't watching. Toby said, "Great religion! In our Catholic church God is around all year long so you can't ever have any fun."

In most UU churches, the first day of the UU church year is celebrated with the mingling of the waters. People are supposed to bring some water from their summer travels and pour it in a bowl with everybody else's water. With my UTI all I could think about when the minister invited people to come up and pour out their waters was urinating. If felt to me like my water needed to be poured, but I ignored it because it was just a sensation from the infection.

I couldn't help but wonder, what if everyone brought in a lab speciman of their urine and then poured that into a communal bowl what would the toxicology lab test would show was in all that urine?

There would be THC, opioids, benzos, Etoh, and God only knows what. If the congregation got a full lab report then we could guess who among us was on what drugs. Talk about communal sharing.

And so another church year as begun with the mingling of just plain old water from the tap, from the well, from the creek, from the lake, from the ocean, from the rain barrel, who knows? Each sample of water has a story, but the stories weren't shared just the water. Having shared our waters we are still a mystery to one another because water is just good ole H2O. The meaning of the sharing was never disclosed nor shared and I wondered with my sense of urgency, "What really is the point of the ritual?" I didn't really care at that point, I just wanted to go to the rest room to pee.

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