Thursday, October 31, 2019

Real meaning of Halloween for Unitarian Universalists

Halloween is a day when we dress up in costumes, pretend we're somebody we're not, and go begging for candy and if we don't get any attack the person who is witholding.

Halloween is the day before All Saints Day which is the day the church honors and celebrates all the people who got into heaven. This celebration may not mean as much to Unitarian Universalists because we believe that not just some people get into heaven, but all people get into heaven.

The day after All Saints Day on November 1st, is All Souls Day which may be a more fitting holiday for Unitarian Universalists because All Souls Day is the day we celebrate all people not just the "good" ones.

The idea celebrated on All Saints Day that there are some good people who got into heaven and some bad people who were not admitted, while a big part of many religious theologies, is not a part of Unitarian Universalist theology which believes that we are all One and we all get into heaven or none of us do.

UUs believe in "all for one and one for all." Bad people get into heaven just like good people do. UUs don't believe that God is like Santa Claus who only gives presents for good little boys and girls. Jesus told us that we have to love our enemies and that to get to heaven we have to "love as He has loved."

So for UUs, Halloween is the day before All Saints Day and two days before All Souls Day, and we celebrate the enlightening idea that we all are going to heaven sooner or later. UUs believe that salvation is when everybody loves everybody all the time. At this time of year, we are reminded of that vision and goal.

Have fun on Halloween and remember the meaning of the season which is the celebration of our shared humanity and our shared destiny.

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