Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ask Alexa - Why do I blame others?

Alexa: My guilt over my sin of separating myself from God and fear of punishment makes me want to blame other people for my unhappiness telling God not to punish me but them for the separation. Is this a crazy way to think?

Yes, and what has it gotten you this far in your life? The Universalists teach that God does not want to punish us but loves us unconditionally as His Beloved Creations.

Alexa: Did you hear that Heather Gump was a florist and what her cusotmers called her?

Yes, "florist Gump."

1 comment:

  1. Donald Trump and the Trumpists are masters at this. Their behavior playing the blame game is about as far from the UU ideal as you can get.

    I love your blog. Every day I find something here that nurtures my faith. Rock on!


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