Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Daily Reflections, Day Thirty, Who Loves You?

A new article in Daily Reflections, Day Thirty,  entitled "Who loves you?" has been posted here.

There are now thirty reflections posted. Feel free to print them out and use them personally or with a group. They are especially useful for people who are Unitarian Universalists who are students of A Course In Miracles, but they are useful for anyone pursuing a spiritual life based on an appreciation of the nondualistic Oneness.

This blog operates on the principle of "dana" which is a Sanskrit word that means generosity. This blog comes with the realization that the teachings of the world's great spiritual teachers did not come with the requirment of a fee. If you can donate to support the work of UU A Way Of Life, we are grateful, and if you cannot contribute or choose not to, feel free to use the material published here as you like. Perhaps, in whatever way you are able: time, talent, and/or treasure you will pay it forward.

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