Monday, February 17, 2020

Levels of difficulty in comprehending article content.

The article on the UU A Way Of Life blog can be classified by levels of difficulty. The levels used here are beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro. The classification of levels are rated by two main criteria: metaphysical knowledge, and religious literacy.

Many of the articles here require a higher level of metaphysical knowledge and religious literacy to be understandable to the reader. Without the appropriate mental models there is not enough understanding of context to comprehend the ideas in their thoroughness.

It is hoped there is something here for everyone interested in a spiritual life and yet some of the articles may challenge the reader's understanding. Readers are encouraged to continue visiting the blog and reading its content and it is hoped that as they grow in understanding, the visits and reading will become more satisfying and understandable.

From now on, articles will be tagged along with their topic, their level of difficulty: "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced," "pro." By clicking on the level of difficulty tag, all the articles in that category can be accessed.

This system of categorization is not perfect and there is often overlap. It is hoped that this categorization system though will help the reader access content which is more satisfying.

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