Saturday, February 15, 2020

UU A Way Of Life is not on Facebook due to deliberate choice.

Have you noticed that UU A Way of Life is not on Facebook? This is a deliberate choice not an oversight or lack of computer saavy.

What might be the reasons that UUAWOL is not on Facebook? Can you guess what they might be?


  1. The word religion comes from the latin work relligo which means to bind together. Facebook "friends" usually are not real friends. They are not people you know and have face to face relationships with. So is Facebook anti religious in the strict meaning of the word? If this is the case, would Facebook be anithetical to the values and purpose of UUAWAY of life by promoting a counterfeit kind of affiliating?

  2. Facebook is not a place for thoughtful comment. Good ideas take time to percolate and digest. Facebook is not a place for thoughtful, deep consideration. Thank you for staying off of Facebook.


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