Monday, February 17, 2020

Daily Reflections, Day Sixty nine, Renewing faith in the kingdom of the Spirit.

Day Sixty nine
Renewing faith in the kingdom of the Spirit.

 “Be grateful to return, as you were glad to go an instant, and accept the gifts that grace provided you. You carry them back to yourself. And revelation stands not far behind. Its coming is ensured. We ask for grace, and for experience that comes from grace. We welcome the release it offers everyone..” ACIM.W-169.14:1-6

Every now and then, if we are alert to it, we get a glimpse of the transcendent. We intuit that there is something beyond. In A Course In Miracles such glimpses are called “Holy Instants.”

When we experience a Holy Instant we are touched by grace and we feel blessed. The peace and bliss may be momentary or several seconds or perhaps even a few minutes. When we experience this grace, we know what lies beyond and our life begins to change. A mature innocence begins to emerge and as Jesus said, unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

Today, I will take some time to reflect on my experience of Holy Instants I have experienced. I will express gratitude for the awareness they have provided that there is something more and a better way than what the path of the ego has to offer. I will renew my faith in the kingdom of the Spirit.

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