Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Meta narrative for the Anthropocene

That the eco systems of the planet earth are changing in signicant and rapid ways there is no scienttific doubt.

How human beings will respond to these eco system changes is the question.

There are biological, physical, social, psychological, economic, and political responses and a spiritual response which is the one which is overarching the six others.

What is the spiritual response called for by the Spirit of Life? What does Benedict have to offer? What does our Catholic faith and other religious traditions have to offer?

Perhaps the best reponse is that offered by the seventh principle of Unitarian Univeralism which is to affirm and promote a respect for the interdependent existence of which we are a part. This respect calls for a heightened sense of humility as the hubris of homo sapiens who once again have to answer the question posed by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, "What have you done?"

We struggle, in our current geological era of the planet, the Anthropocene, to formulate an answer suitable for Cosmic Consciousness which we share with God.

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