Monday, March 23, 2020

Text for Religious Literacy 101 is Religious Literacy by Stephen Prothero

The mini course, Relgious Literacy 101, is now available. You can access it by pasting this URL in your browser is

The class is free and you can take it at any time. It is designed to last four weeks and will take 1-2 hours per week. You can take it at your own pace at your own convenience.

The text book being used is Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs To Know - and Doesn't by Stephen Prothero. You can buy the book on Amazon or receive a free copy for becoming a Tier 1 patron of UU A Way Of Life by clicking on the orange button in the upper right hand corner which says, "Become a Patron."

Hope to see you in class.

David Markham

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