Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Looking for guest writers for UU A Way Of Life articles.

Invitation for Guest Writers- Win Exciting Gift Vouchers ...

Looking for guest writers for UU  A Way Of Life.

There are monthly themes that writers are asked to address in 250 - 500 words.


June, 2020 - The UU origin story for the denomination as well as for your church.

July, 2020 - What are the existential and social concerns that Unitarian Universalism as a religion was formed and currently exists to address?

August, 2020 - What are the social, religious, and political forces that Unitarian Universalism is up against. Who and what are UUs biggest enemies and from where do the biggest challenges to UU survival and success come?

September, 2020 - Who are the contemporary heroes of Unitarian Univeralism? Where are the most vibrant congregations and what makes them so? What are the current developments that nourish and move the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism forward?

Questions and submissions to davidgmarkham@gmail.com

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