Sunday, July 19, 2020

Explaining things to kids - Love everybody, even the ones who hate us

Selma 50 years on: John Lewis's recalls the march - CNNPolitics

Over the last week, you would ask me questions at bedtime and I would answer them, kiss you goodnight, and go to the bathroom to sit alone and shake.
“If Trump doesn’t like boys who look like me, does that mean the government won’t like me? The army? What about the police?” 
How Do I Explain This to My Kids? . The New Press.p.9

Yes, the Trumpists don’t like people who look like you. You need to be careful around them. They will discriminate against you, attack you, try to exclude you, take you from me, and put you in cages, if not kill you. Many Americans will support them and allow them to do it because they have been told and taught to be afraid of people who look like us.

At church though they don’t think that and act that way. The people at church believe that everybody has worth and dignity. They love people who look like us and want everyone to treat everyone fairly. Even though there are millions of Americans who hate people who look like us, there are a few hundred thousand who don’t hate people who look like us but love people who look like us.

There are people who love you just like there are people who hate you. You need to grow up to learn the difference and to love everybody whether they love you or hate you. Only love gets love. Hate never gets love. So we need to love everybody even if some of them hate us.

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