Friday, August 21, 2020

I have gone to the birds with the seventh principle.

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I love these small hummingbird feeders. I put one outside my sliding glass door and watched the hummingbirds dart and dance and come to feed at it regularly. Last week I accidentally dropped it when I went to refill it and it cracked so I had to throw it out.

I went to several stores looking for this style feeder. The stores had many fancier hummingbird feeders that cost two, three, and four times as much, but not his simple style which does the trick and is so easy to clean and refill.

So I went on Amazon on 08/18/20 and bought this pack of four for under $13.00 and they came today, 08/21/20. I am very excited to set them up and watch the hummingbirds come to visit once again.

The hummingbird nectar is simple to make with 4 parts water and one part granulated sugar.

I am reminded of our seventh UU principle, the respect for the interdependent web of which we are a part. My life is so enriched sharing it with the birds. Some people have told me for years that I "have gone to the birds." It's true. I don't deny it.

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