Friday, October 9, 2020

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #55, Review of lessons 21 - 25, What would love have me do?

Lesson #55
Review of lessons 21 - 25

21. I am determined to see things differently.
22. What I see is a form of vengeance.
23. I can escape from the world by giving up attack thoughts.
24. I do not perceive my own best interests.
25. I do not know what anything is for.

In step one of Alcoholics Anonymous we admitted our lives had become unmanageable. In step two, we hoped that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. In step three, we decided, “what the hell (heaven)” and turned our will and lives over to the care of our Higher Power as we understand him.

In Unitarian Universalism, when we joined up, we decided to covenant with others, to get out of our own isolated prison, and affirm and promote with them seven principles, the fourth of which,
is the free and responsible search for Truth and Meaning. We knew that on our own, our lives were going to shit and that there must be more, a better way, and that covenanting with these like minded people would give us the opportunity to see things differently.

In both AA and UU miracles occur on a regular basis when we give up the path of the ego for the path of the spirit. The path of the ego leads us to believe that its many idols will make us happy and when we realize that this lie is not true and following this path will never work, it dawns on us that there must be a better way. This dawning precipitates a search, but before we can say hello to something better we have to say goodbye to our old ways, our old attachments, our old mistaken beliefs.

In working on today’s lesson, I realize I have been mistaken and that I am giving up the insanity and nonsense I have participated in. I have come to realize that Love is a better way and I start asking myself over and over and over again, “What would Love have me do?”

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