Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Course In Miracles Lesson #89, Review of lessons 77 and 78.

 Lesson #89
Review of lessons 77 and 78.
77- I am entitled to miracles.
78 - Let miracles replace all grievances.

The miracle, as described in  A Course In Miracles, is a correction in perception from the world of the ego to the world of Spirit. The world of the ego is based on scarcity and lack. The world of the Spirit is based on wholeness (holiness) and abundance. Which are you entitled to?

If you believe the world is one of scarcity and lack, you will be filled with grievances and resentments, anger and guilt, and above all else, fear. If you believe that the world is one of wholeness and abundance, you will be filled with peace and bliss and loving kindness towards yourself and towards others. 

In Alcoholics Anonymous we are encouraged in the first three steps to admit that our pursuit of things on the path of the ego leaves our lives unmanageable and that we would be wise to work the steps in pursuit of a better way. This decision is a miracle.

In Unitarian Universalism, we covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning which leads us to an awareness of the inherent worth and dignity of every person and an appreciation of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Today we are asked to take 2, 10 - 15 minutes periods, and as often throughout the day as we remember to remind ourselves,to remember  that we are entitled to Love and as we accept this truth we replace grievances with peace and bliss.

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