Monday, December 7, 2020

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #107, Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

 Lesson #107
Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

The slogan says, “The truth will set you free.” What does that statement mean? Free from what? In vulgar language we could say, “bull shit.” “The truth will set you free from bull shit.” What is bull shit? Bull shit is all the illusory beliefs in the things in the world of the ego.

In Alcoholic Anonymous we finally admit, in the first step, that we have been sinking into and now are overwhelmed by bull shit. It dawns on us that the false promises of the ego will never make us happy, and even worse, continuing to pursue them and obtain them contributes to our destruction. This dawning leads to a search for a better way and this search moves us onto the path of truth which is healing and provides abiding peace and joy.

In Unitarian Universalism we covenant together to affirm and promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. UUs come to this covenant because they are tired of bull shit. They are looking for a more authentic and genuine spiritual life and they perceive that the path to this peace and joy is by finding and abiding in the truth.

Today we are asked to take five minutes of every hour and as often as it crosses our minds to go within and connect with the Truth from which we have emerged in this incarnation. We know when we have connected because of the sense of security and rightness that we experience.

My Kind Of Church Music
Let The Bad Air Out by Bruce Cockburn

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