Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Stories about UU mystic Harry Hollywood - Money can't buy you love.


Harry's five year old granddaughter told him, "Papa, baby Jesus is coming."

Harry said, "Who told you that Eva?"

:"Mommy did," Eva says.

"And what will happen when baby Jesus comes," Harry asks?

"People will be happy," Eva said.

"What about Santa," asks Harry."Will Santa come too and bring you presents?"

"Who needs Santa's presents," says Eva, "when Jesus coming already makes me happy?"

"So you have everything you already want," asks Harry?

"Mommy told me that Jesus is love and Santa's presents can't buy you love." says Eva.

"I believe the Beatles have a song about that," says Harry.

"Oh papa," says Eva giggling, "It's one of my favorites. Money can't buy you love."

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