Saturday, February 20, 2021

Dear Dave - Where's the spirituality in Unitarian Univeralism?

 Dear Dave

I have been looking for a UU church that emphasizes spiritual growth and development. Are there any?


Dear Linda,

I have the same question and have been engaged in the same search. Sadly, the answer I have so far is no. If anything, UU has been captured and derailed into social justice issues. I am not sure why this is and would be interested in any ideas you have. My guess is that Social Justice issues are easier to address and attempt to gather some energy around, but these efforts are short lived, usually come to nothing, and interest peters out until the “next big thing comes along.”

Trying to organize a spiritual support system around social justice issues is misguided and doomed to failure because it is focused on the world of the ego instead of the world of the Spirit. As such social justice issues are illusionary and a distraction from what is real.

For the time being, the best that I can offer is what we are trying to do here on UU A Way Of Life. It is good to have you here and I hope you will continue to contribute you time, talent, and treasure in any way you can.

We offer spiritual reading discussions and are beginning to form the mystic circle of Unitarian Universalism. We also are studying A Course In Miracles which is perhaps the greatest manual for spiritual development in our contemporary age, but, of course, it’s teachings are timeless.

Please let us know what nourishes your soul.

All the best,

David Markham

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