Friday, April 23, 2021

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #228 - God has condemned me not. No more do I.

 Lesson #228

God has condemned me not. No more do I.

We live in deep seated shame even if we don’t recognize it. That shame is generated by a fear that we are defective in some way, that deep down we will be found inadequate. So we struggle our whole lives to be worthy, to be good enough to warrant love. And in today’s lesson, we are told this deep seated fear of unworthiness is nonsense. We are as God created us, part of the Divine, and how could God condemn part of God’s Self?

It is suggested in Alcoholics Anonymous, in step eleven, that we improve our conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation. Nothing could be finer than to be aware of our Oneness with the Ground of our Being.

In Unitarian Universalism we covenant together to affirm and promote the encouragement to spiritual growth which involves the growing awareness of our existence as extensions of our Transcendent Source. Alleluia!

Today it is suggested that we begin and end the day, and several times in between, by reminding ourselves that our Creator has not condemned us and so we are okay at our core. There is nothing to fear and we are the extension of God’s Love.

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