Friday, May 14, 2021

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #245, Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.


Lesson #245

Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

I was an altar boy for years in the Roman Catholic Church. I was initially trained when the mass was in Latin and I remember very well the ritualistic exchange, “Dominus vobiscum” which means, “The Lord be with you,” and the answer is “Et cum spiritu tuo” which means,”and with your spirit.”

The other ritualistic exchange, very similar, is, “Pax vobiscum,” peace be with you” and the same response is spoken, “Et cum spiritu tuo.” Today’s lesson is Pax vobiscum which is a different form of the same idea which is extending peace.

In Alcoholic Anonymous it is suggested in step twelve that we carry the peace of AA to other people struggling with substance misuse. What could be a better gift?

In Unitarian Universalism we covenant together to affirm and promote the acceptance of one another and the encouragement to spiritual growth..

Today, it is suggested in this lesson to recognize and acknowledge the peace of God within us and to share it with others. Maybe another way to say this is “Be kind”. Of course, you can’t give what you don’t have so first be kind to yourself and then let it radiate out to others and be a sign of God’s love in the world.

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