Friday, May 21, 2021

What is UU A Way Of Life about?

What is UU A Way Of Life about?

A person mentioned to me a few days ago that they visited the blog and “It is about A Course In Miracles.” I laughed. It was apparent they didn’t read the articles but just skimmed the headlines.

The UU A Way Of Life blog is not about A Course In Miracles. The blog is about spirituality and A Course In Miracles is only one path to facilitate the development of one’s spiritual life. The UU A Way of Life is interreligious and seeks the perennial philosophy which is those ideas which all the world’s religions and philosophies have in common.

Not everyone is ready for this level of spiritual formation. First one must pass through the egocentric and ethnocentric levels of consciousness before they can appreciate the worldcentric and integral levels.

It takes awhile for people to comprehend and appreciate the vision and mission of UU A Way Of Life. The reader will not “get it” by just skimming the headlines. It takes a deeper reading.

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